Pro-Biden Bolshevik Fanatics Adopting North Korean Mob Behaviour

We already knew that Biden, and the Pro-Clinton Clan (the ones who really want to get their Presidential seat back) are close friends with the Chinese Communist Party.

And we all know that China’s closest ally is North Korea. - What a wonderful tree… if you want to collect rotten fruits to ruin Democracy…

And the mindless supporters of this nihilist marxist international group live up to their reputation of senseless vandals. But apparently, they insist in falling deeper and deeper in their own hopeless abyss. Showing, literally, how low can they get.

These videos and the photographs show hordes of young people, screaming like banshees, completely out of their zombie minds, displaying behaviours and ritualistic gestures that would make a chimpanzee ashamed. The North Korean style has arrived to the American Political Stage. How nice!

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