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Three Kinds of People and the Triforce of Decay

 OBSESSED with grandeur  delusion, vulturous billionaires are absolutely convinced THEY ARE GODS. ...along with their goal of reaching some kind of scientific Immortality.  A new religion that will bring us (humanity) to our knees or so they seem to believe? It's about to get real. Keep reading. Within the minds of humanity exists a virtue, and a virus... ...but not the kind that necessarily creates physical illness. What if a form of "enchantment" infected neural networks and blurred human consciousness and perception?  The Human Mind is an (OS) Operating System How will you access the true infinite potential of  your heart, mind and life if an invisible thief disconnected your awareness away from that key power-center-ability to create your true future-destiny? Although, mind parasites, will not only devour happiness, hope, logic and reason. It is important to remember that a lazy mind, hollow, subservient, infected with profound stupidity, and completely washed out, w

The Truth was hijacked by the Woke Mafia.

Do we still live in a Democracy? Loyalists will say we live in a Republic which guarantees the God Given Rights of every Individual.  Fact- The entire Pandemic was created through a Fake PCR Test.  They knowingly kept "the cures"  Hydroxychlorquine and Ivermectin away from the public. After the public brainwashing through the mainstream culture, the Big Corporate TV Channels, Hollywood, which are all linked to the Government itself… They thought they were woke! Now they are the joke Their virtue signaling, over zealous good hearted nature and their trust which led to gullibility were all weaponized assets against them because of their own ignorance of the hypnotic spell their minds were under. For those who capture a slight spark of intelligence, the answer is obvious. The 2020 American election was not a free election on its own! Regardless the fraud. This is the point!!  Exposing the whole real truth is what is bringing light to darkness for all to see