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We are looking for Intelligent Individuals To Spread Viral Campaigns of Information.

Are you willing to be an active part of our team? If you have experience, ideas, and are familiar with social networks like Twitter, we are calling for you! We need Rational Hunters that are willing to engange on dialectic fights, against the Zombies. It is a war of words, a conflict of arguments. Truth and transparency. Against brainwashed, totalitarian and dogmatic propaganda, that are being fed to the common citizen, as if they came from a Religious Oracle. Deprived of substance, deprived of tolerance. Deprived of Truth. The words of reason are valuable weapons in this conflict. It will not be easy. But it will be worth it. If you have it in you, don’t let your Intelligence be smothered and suffocated. Use it, by participating in serious and intense campaigns of Information. Don’t wait… or it will be too late.


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