Pandemic Mind Virus by Maxim Strange

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Table of Contents


Part 1: The Woken 
Part 2: Lost and Betrayed 
Part 3: Strange Encounters
Part 4: Behind the Facade
Part 5: Dark to Light

On the twenty-four-hour news channels, the outlook grew bleak. 

The illusion felt real. Utopic, and even irresistible. Inviting us to a perfect world.

The truth was fickle and elusive—the lies were persistent and they would wait for their moment to strike

The TV is our friend. Don’t question anything. The TV speaks truth.

Don’t be a rebel… just let it be…Don't resist. 

Contagious and infected with possibility, that was the eternal promise of the sweet nectar of the twenty-four-hour news cycle, the social network, and the millions upon millions of unfiltered voices and opinions all sublimating endlessly into our minds, filling them with a narcotic ether.

Comfortable, and numb There’s no need to think. Just obey what we say.

Individual dreams, differences, distinct personalities, and freedom… Just let it fade away.

They told you. These are all obsolete in this golden cage of .... Paradise!

A perfect world? A perfect deception!

Open your eyes, open your mind.
Wake up and fight back!

Jack took a deep breath at the thought and shuddered in disbelief. Is this how the world ends? Not with a bang but with a SJW whimper, he thought. Who else can see what is really going on behind the curtain?

Jack Grayson had hope, until that one event when everything changed. And nothing was the same after that. Surviving is a curious thing. For most people it means being alone, and Jack Grayson was alone, but the ones who were infected didn’t die.

There are Mind Zombies out there… And they need to be hunted down… Including their Masters…

Just like the invisible killer Predator silently waiting for the moment to become right. The possibilities to stay asleep and remain sluggishly disconnected, resistant and apathetic were literally endless.

The invisible interests that operate out of the shadows are exploiting our laws to put your individual freedoms at risk. We are not free. We are not equal.

Now is your chance to read Pandemic Mind Virus by Maxim Strange, and meet Jack, Darius and the other free thinkers on an epic quest, in which they search for the truth, reason, human dignity and the antidote to the deadly Mainstream Media pathogens rabidly infecting the minds of the masses..

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