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Social Justice Dystopia: Battle for Your Soul

History doesn’t just happen to other people... It is happening right here, and now. And one side of it wants to turn the United States of America into a chaotic Neomarxist, State controlling, Orwellian nightmare. It is as simple as that.  Arrogant as they are, after years and decades of advancements, the Marxists of the Democratic Party, are hungry for a regime change, and ready to strike the last segment of blows. And this is the Political Agenda that the Democratic Party wants to impose on the U.S.A. They are already supporting terrorist totalitarian communist militias, such as the Black Lives Matter and the Antifa. The aim of such Policies, like the insane Covid Hoax quarantines, is to break the citizens’ spirits. Demoralize them. Make them question their own right to be free. To destroy the communities. To turn them into servants of a deranged universalist communist fake utopia.  Social Justice Dystopia This is their Plan: Smothering the Economy, and selling out the country to fore

Real Creepy Tales from Hungry Uncle Joe. Happy Halloween 2020!!

Are you prepared for Halloween? Beware… because if you don’t get smart, this one can last for 4 years… or even… FOREVER.  Download and read “Creepy Tales from Hungry Uncle Joe” (Yes, the BIDEN guy) Ah, Halloween… a night in which so many people, specially children, turn all the spooky stories and monsters into something fun!  Right? Well… not THIS TIME.   Look Inside “ Creepy Tales from Hungry Uncle Joe ”, and even though you might have some fun reading it, you will also be reminded about Uncle Joe’s deranged APPETITES…  You know how in the past it was told that Communists ate children? Due to the Big Famines in the Soviet Union? Well… I guess it’s not only in Soviet Russia… is it? Read about Hillary Clinton’s “Demelanizing Spell”, and how or if it works… Yes, Hillary Clinton is a witch.,, And no, not only in this story. This is not just another Halloween. It’s up to you to decide if the REAL DEMONS will take over after November.  Horror Stories are only fun in the world of fiction. An

Pro-Biden Bolshevik Fanatics Adopting North Korean Mob Behaviour

We already knew that Biden, and the Pro-Clinton Clan (the ones who really want to get their Presidential seat back) are close friends with the Chinese Communist Party. And we all know that China’s closest ally is North Korea. - What a wonderful tree… if you want to collect rotten fruits to ruin Democracy… And the mindless supporters of this nihilist marxist international group live up to their reputation of senseless vandals. But apparently, they insist in falling deeper and deeper in their own hopeless abyss. Showing, literally, how low can they get. These videos and the photographs show hordes of young people, screaming like banshees, completely out of their zombie minds, displaying behaviours and ritualistic gestures that would make a chimpanzee ashamed. The North Korean style has arrived to the American Political Stage. How nice! Continue Reading...  Discover How To Cure The Deadly Mainstream Media Virus... "Compelling and Contagious for 2020" Grab  Pandemic Mind Virus to