Individual Liberty & Freedom of Speech

Throwing the Monkey Wrench into the Homogenization of America

Could it be the end of an Era? 2020 marked the end of a decade. The choice is Yours.

A frightening possibility, in the USA, under Donald Trump, is not happening. And will not happen. 

His administration, regardless its numerous flaws, chose to protect American Individual Civil Liberties. And not just regarding the Covid 19 situation, which is a pretext for Governments all over the world to impose and amplify their power and control.

Such is the hunger of the Democratic Party, which sent Joe Biden to run for Presidency.

Without much enthusiasm, truth be told. 

It’s hard to imagine Franklin D. Roosevelt voting for Joe Biden… 

And it’s even harder to imagine the U.S.A becoming a monolithic society, subdued to such a disturbing, dangerous, hopeless, and even imbecile future. 

The Coronavirus Hoax Crisis has been an experiment, and the citizens are the lab rats. The attacks on the civil and individual liberties, under the benevolent flag of “fighting a pandemic” became a reality all over the world. 

Big Pharmaceutical Companies are developing, in a hurry, competing among themselves, a fast vaccine, in order to increase their profits in a lifetime business opportunity. 

Of course, their priority is not the people’s health, but the health of their already large pockets. Tests on “volunteers” – yes, volunteers who are paid, and risk their lives because they need the money – are taking place. 

The British Pharmaceutical Company AstraZeneca announced that one person had a severe negative reaction to their new Covid-19 vaccine. A future vaccine that they were already selling, by the millions, to several European countries. Even before the tests were concluded. 

This is serious. 

There is the possibility that, in many countries, the citizens will be forced, even by law, to take such obscure vaccines. A frightening scenario.

It’s obvious that all elections are important. But without a doubt, some are more important than others, due to different historical contexts. And such is the case of every vote that is going to be counted in November, 2020. 

First, it is mandatory to mention this fact: the election that is coming is not just Right versus Left. It is about choosing between Technocrat Tyranny or the Free Will of the individual, the right of pursuing one’s own life path, and at the same time, keeping peace, reason, and progress alive. And of course, safety. Including the absence of fear when communicating different opinions. 

The irrational and criminal mobs  are taking over, and gaining too much power. 

This is a highly dangerous, anti-democratic process. Vandalism became a valid way to participate in the political debate of ideas. A vandalism, a riot that affects, mostly, the common citizen, the local and small businesses. Ironically, those that the Neo-Marxists allege to defend. 

Propaganda was always part of Politics. This isn’t new. But the need to propagate the Truth will never surrender, either. 

The Old Bolsheviks used to say “The worse, the better!” And they were right, according to their own agendas. 

The Democrat Party controls an important branch of a WorldWide Political Plan which aims for the homogenization  of every aspect of our societies. Which includes: the persecution of those who dare to express their opinions, destruction of historical monuments – historical memory – following a Stalinist and Nazi method of dealing with truth, and common heritage.  

Paving the way to a “New Man”. Completely designed, programmed, brainwashed, by the State, by the Government. 

The U.S.A are more important than its citizens might remember, in their daily lives. The American society pulses, and is alive. Let’s not be fooled by alleged architects of an utopian future society. In which everyone is supposed to be transformed into a perfect and obedient android. And obviously, these androids will be of the same model. No difference between them. Between us.  

We can’t let that happen. Yes, this wicked project is still in its early stages. So, precisely, the time is crucial. 

So, in conclusion, and again, due to very specific historical and political contexts, the choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is not just between Republicans and Democrats. It’s a lot more complex. 

It’s between the Individual, the Free American Society, which is where the real power is supposed to remain, and between a project of Monolithic Government, with the characteristics already mentioned. Plus, a Government which will share its power with obscure and already titanic institutions, like  previously stated, Big Pharma, among others. 

Also important to mention: What will happen in the U.S.A this year, will have an even bigger impact, in the rest of the Western World. So, each American vote is relevant for more people than those we can possibly imagine.

2020…and so on… What and How will it be? The choice is yours. The choice is ours. The choice is obvious.


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