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A nation asleep. A world asleep. Jon Rappoport “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature, such as self preservation?” (CIA interdepartmental memo, Project ARTICHOKE, January 1952) The covert operation called COVID, which has been planned for years, is all about trauma-based mind control. The trauma combines fear of a germ with the sudden psychic shock of the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing, the economic destruction. For many people, this trauma is paralyzing on a subconscious level. As in: HOW CAN THIS BE? AM I LIVING IN A DREAM? The government and media messaging about the “pandemic” was immediate, and it was launched as a wall-to-wall campaign. News reports, ads, public service announcements, talk shows, newspaper articles, press conferences, etc. No room was permitted for counter-opinion and evidence or intelligent discussion and debate. The messaging flood pla

Happy 4th of July

How ironic, with the 4th of July on our door step, Independence Day from the tyranny of King George III, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, that most people would be sitting in their homes... And if they did venture out, they would wear the mask. With each wave of the pandemic, the population became more susceptible, entrenched in fear; weaker, submissive, docile like easily controllable sheep. They were locked into a TV trance and their symptoms grew. Those on TV, our leaders whom we were supposed to trust, couldn't seem to make up their minds. The quarantine that was supposed to last two weeks, now had extended for months, shutting down the economy and preventing people from earning a living. They could not see through the blindness of their delirium. Even though medical studies had shown that masks did not protect healthy people but rather prevented sick people from infecting others, fear had replaced the critical thinking part of the br

Pandemic Mind Virus by Maxim Strange

Download Pandemic Mind Virus Discover How To Cure The Deadly Mainstream Media Virus... "Compelling and Contagious for 2020" FREE DOWNLOAD Table of Contents INTRO  Part 1: The Woken  Part 2: Lost and Betrayed  Part 3: Strange Encounters Part 4: Behind the Facade Part 5: Dark to Light On the twenty-four-hour news channels, the outlook grew bleak.  The illusion felt real. Utopic, and even irresistible. Inviting us to a perfect world. The truth was fickle and elusive—the lies were persistent and they would wait for their moment to strike The TV is our friend. Don’t question anything. The TV speaks truth. Don’t be a rebel… just let it be…Don't resist.  Contagious and infected with possibility, that was the eternal promise of the sweet nectar of the twenty-four-hour news cycle, the social network, and the millions upon millions of unfiltered voices and opinions all sublimating endlessly into our minds, filling them with a narcotic ether. Comfortable, and numb The