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The ultimate challenge: Can you escape the clutches of tribalism?

  Break free from the trap of tribalism: How to overcome the us vs them mentality Divide and conquer. Us versus them. Our group is better than theirs. We are right.   This is an old, ancient, primal logic.  It’s part of the biological imperative of the human species. Unfortunately, it is often used by those who rule us, as a very effective tool to instigate conflict. A common and fake enemy is created. A perfect diversion for people to display their hostility, hate, and tribal pride, against human beings, who, in practical terms, are not a threat or a danger, in any single aspect. It can be your next door neighbor, or, even more ridiculous, a civilian who lives in a distant country, and just wants to live a simple life, away from sensationalism, politics and fanatism. In the West, there is a World Order who aims to control every single domain of our lives.  Of course, in order to do that, they need to spread and support decadence among society.  By destroying elevation, values, and ind

Propaganda: The Hidden Enemy of Critical Thinking and Democracy

Learn to Think for Yourself: Don’t Let Propaganda Fool You! How to Spot and Resist Propaganda in a Media-Saturated World In this article, we will explore the definition, types, techniques and effects of propaganda and provide some practical tips and strategies to help you spot and resist propaganda in your daily life. We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to different forms of propaganda, from various sources and with different agendas.  Propaganda can influence our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions in subtle or obvious ways.  How can we protect ourselves from being manipulated or misled by propaganda?  How can we develop critical thinking skills and media literacy to analyze and evaluate the information we receive? How can we form our own opinions based on reason and evidence and communicate them effectively? We often see the world through the lens of our beliefs and understanding, which can limit our ability to perceive reality objectively. Objective reality is cru