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Let The 2020 Meme Wars Begin!

Historic First Debate Highlights — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 30, 2020 "Compelling and Contagious for 2020" Grab  Pandemic Mind Virus today and Read Free PDF if you dare... Trump easily defeated Chris Wallace in tonight's debate. #SleepyJoe #PresidentialDebate2020 — Apoctoz/Octo (@Apoctoz) September 30, 2020 Mind the wire, Chris! — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) September 30, 2020 Two for one.... — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) September 30, 2020 Let's Get Ready to Rumbllle!! "🇺🇸Trump vs. 🇨🇳Biden: The Debate of the Century" 📢LET’S GET READY TO RUUUMMMMMBLE!📢 — Paineful Memes (@PainefulMemes) September 29, 2020 In case you missed the debate, here is how Chris Wallace moderated it in a picture — Spay & Neuter the Media (@k_ovfefe2) Septembe

Who is afraid of Donald Trump? And Why?

The mainstream media since before Donald Trump was elected decided to demonize him. Because they are aligned with the agendas that intend to decapitate the United States’ historical and treasured civil and universal freedom.  Back in 2016, who would have thought that the Clinton Clan would fail to go back to power? Obama himself was a puppet of such plan, since Hillary was imposed as an important member of his government. Trump’s election forced such groups to remember that the USA is not a Marxist Monarchy.  Donald Trump’s administration did its best to secure American jobs, keeping them in the country. Which meant the American Economy, and its own companies, became stronger. Until then, the Chinese had an immense and disproportionately high presence and relevance in the USA’s economy. Which, besides being dangerous for the American sovereignty itself, it’s also important to remember that such foreign products lack the same quality, and the Asian workers don’t have the same wages than

Not all viruses are dangerous #TrumpVirus

Bacteriophage. A Virus Which Fights Deadly Bacteria. It is common knowledge – or it is used to be, before stupidity and ignorance became the pathetic new trend – that our organism relies on helpful bacteria which contribute to how our bodies remain healthy.  For example, the bacteria which allow our digestive system to work properly are known as probiotics. Consuming too many antibiotics reduces the population of beneficial bacteria allowing the deadly bacteria to take over. Trumphages protect the Republic against the deadly Marxist pathogens that are trying to overthrow America.... Well, a Bacteriophage is actually a Virus which fights deadly Bacteria.  Those who became immune to the antibiotics. One of the dreadful outcomes of the Big Pharmaceutical Industries playing with the human body as if we were money delivering lab rats.   The Bateriophages had been used to treat the infamous and deadly Pseudomonas Aeruginosas, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In organs such as the lungs and

Who will win the US Presidential Election 2020?

Helmut Norpoth has successfully predicted 5 out of the 6 previous presidential elections.  The Primary Model is an effective method of predicting the Presidential Election results. It was developed by political scientist Helmut Norpoth . And, instead of focusing on superficial polls, it goes deeper, and studies the candidate’s performances since day one, including how they behaved on the internal primary elections, within their own parties. These are real elections, real numbers and real results. Not based on shallow, superficial, swinging opinions or plastic polls. Nevertheless, unless Joe Biden’s campaign, who is hostile to free speech, and debates, in the end, what comes ahead, is what matters. Your vote. Your decision. Beyond the brainwashing neo-marxist propaganda. Learn how to sign up and get involved in this crucial time. Tomorrow doesn’t wait. Individual Liberty & Freedom of Speech: How You Can Throw the Monkey Wrench into the Homogenization of America

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – The Elephant Inside the Room

Hydroxycholorquine (HCQ) has been completely neglected by mainstream zombie controlled media, and also by the mainstream scientists, who follow hierarchies in which profit is the priority. But when Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, was infected with Covid-19, and, in front of the cameras, took HCQ himself, destroying the vírus within a few weeks, and returning to his previous healthy state, it simply became impossible to ignore the benefits of HCQ. But still… it is what keeps happening! Brazil is one of the largest countries in the industrialized world, and one of the most powerful nations in the context of Latin America. His own president was treated through HCQ. Why, and how the unbearable and disturbing silence remains, regarding this substance?