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Access the Cure Now..

Image Political correctness crept up on us. It nearly took us by surprise. As we focused on terrorism, rising crime, famine and a million other, more important   - things that threatened our way of life, someone slipped PC through the back door. For anyone who has ever found that the PC brigade have infiltrated their mind and given them just cause for alarm at the way the country and the world is heading, then Pandemic Mind Virus by Maxim Strange is the book for you. Ever feel like political correctness has taken over and we are no longer the free society we used to be? Are you on guard constantly in what you say and how you say it? How can YOU fight back against it? Now, we live in a world where many are afraid to say what they really think for fear of a backlash, but in PC Mind Virus by Justice Strange, you can unchain your brain and discover  how to  break free with chapters that reveal: How it happened and the Source it came from  The power of technology