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The Absurdity of Socialism

  Welcome to THE CEREBRAL CURE, 😱 the blog that explores the soul to discover the mind...  Here you will find stories of profound wisdom, enlightening dialogue, and ethical dilemmas that will challenge and enrich your mind. Whether you are looking for a question, an answer, or a debate, we have it for you. And if you are suffering from the mind virus, the epidemic of misinformation and manipulation that plagues our society, we have the cure too.  So get curious, get creative, and get involved…you’ll have fun and be free! Sharpen your mind, broaden your horizons, and join us… 😊 Get ready, buckle up, and let’s go…you won’t regret it! 😂 How Socialism Destroys Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness (And What You Can Do About It) Do you value your life, liberty and property? Socialism takes them away from you. Do you want to live in a world of innovation, creativity and progress? A socialist system only offers conformity, mediocrity and stagnation. Do you aspire to cooperate, benefit and har

The Slimy Octopus of the Oppressive Order and Its Sweet Candy House Trap: Are You Slithering Into It?

 Don’t Be a Woke Weakling: How to Resist the Neo-Marxist Government’s Slippery Manipulation... Is there any ORDER that is not oppressive? This reality is even more sinister, as The Oppressive Order has the goal of morphing and mutating your life and the lives of its citizens, in every single aspect. Not just when it comes to the collective behavior, but even regarding your individual choices, thought patterns, life style, diet, everything. In which, you will have to decide to be a slave with a social credit score, or a fully autonomous human on the verge of becoming a limitless being! And, as if this concept wasn’t horrifying enough as it is, their intention, of those who have the Power in hands, is far from being the best.  Objectively, the Order, Governments, and other spheres of influence in society, like several Big Companies (Pharmaceutics, Foods and Drinks, Car Industry, Tech, Tv and Movies, etc), Religions, and even other domains like Professional Sports, want us to be weak and