The Slimy Octopus of the Oppressive Order and Its Sweet Candy House Trap: Are You Slithering Into It?

 Don’t Be a Woke Weakling: How to Resist the Neo-Marxist Government’s Slippery Manipulation...

Is there any ORDER that is not oppressive?

This reality is even more sinister, as The Oppressive Order has the goal of morphing and mutating your life and the lives of its citizens, in every single aspect. Not just when it comes to the collective behavior, but even regarding your individual choices, thought patterns, life style, diet, everything. In which, you will have to decide to be a slave with a social credit score, or a fully autonomous human on the verge of becoming a limitless being!

And, as if this concept wasn’t horrifying enough as it is, their intention, of those who have the Power in hands, is far from being the best. 

Objectively, the Order, Governments, and other spheres of influence in society, like several Big Companies (Pharmaceutics, Foods and Drinks, Car Industry, Tech, Tv and Movies, etc), Religions, and even other domains like Professional Sports, want us to be weak and decadent, even from a physical point of view. 

By eating bad food, filled with poisonous, damaging, yet LEGAL, substances, without one single warning on the packages, which will then deteriorate the organism, including mental health, leading to increase sales of those magic and also legal drugs, that the Big Pharma likes so much to sell. A passive life style, in which people are addicted to the internet, social media, and TV, also has these negative effects on citizens’ health. Again, both physically and mentally.  

The Government portrays itself as, not so much as a Big Brother, but like a Big Mother. A psychotic, parasitical mother, though, who doesn’t want her children to be independent, self-sufficient, strong, free, proud. Happy.

“You feed it once, and now it stays.” 

The common citizen, completely broken, undeveloped, feels like a child, throughout his or her entire life. 

But the worst kind of child: Insecure, spoiled, fearful, hard to please, confused, not knowing what he/she wants from life. Much less how to get there. Grown up men, on their early 40’s and 50’s, fill the social media and TV complaining about their lives, even from an emotional point of view, as if they were kindergarten kids.

“I am here. Please… Someone… I need attention. Take care of me…” 

I guess taking control of your life is out of the question? 

The decadence of modern age, gives me a bad headache. 

Obviously, with such a sad, dependent and depressive army of human feeble sheep, the Government fears nothing. No questions. No defiance. No fights against their power, no doubts regarding their decisions. Of course. 

Why does a child rebel against their parents? Doesn’t even comprehend or process the consequences. Or possibility. And this is what happens within society. Its widely spread infantilization serves the Oppressive Order. The castration of the Alpha-Male, and suffocation of the Alpha-Female is almost complete. 

In the well known tale “Hansel and Gretel”, the witch from the woods, captures kids, by attracting them to her house, which is made of candy and sweets. 

Then, she feeds them, until they are fat enough and ready to be eaten by her.

This is the exact same logic of the Octopus that is the Oppressive Order. 

Its tentacles are hungry, and they are numerous.


And like a real octopus, the Order is incredibly intelligent. And operates smoothly.

Well, in that same tale, Hansel and Gretel did manage to escape from the witch.They were smart, audacious, and brave enough to do so.

And they learned their lesson... 

If something seems too good to be true, like a house made of candy, which is just there to be enjoyed, with no effort, no consequences, and no reason, then, most likely, it’s not that good, and it’s definitely not true.

If we are not fulfilling our destiny as Mankind, then Natural Selection has given us this challenge:

  • We either end up in disgrace, more or less metaphorically, like the kids that visited the witch BEFORE Hansel and Gretel… OR

  • We follow the example of Hansel and Gretel themselves. Who managed to escape from the witch, neutralizing her. While learning a valuable lesson about what is the purpose of life. 

But make up your minds. Because time is running out. 

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