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Wake Up Now… Or Die of Shock and Submission!

The Globalist Regime out there, is here.   Is our Freedom already gone? Is Democracy already dead? Those who are willing to become slaves, because of a false sense of security, in the long term, they should never be able vote.  And this is what is happening. Democracy should be about those who understand it. Those who want to be Free.  Totalitarian regimes only exist, because there are always people who want to serve them. People who don’t want to be free, themselves. Look up History. Now Look at America in 2021. This should not be America.  Tyranny is a revolt against those who still have intelligence. And dignity. Let’s face it. Many individuals couldn’t care less about those core values. And these aren’t even’t revolutionary statements. Even Pop Culture, in movies like “Seven” displayed this same reality. Or well known and well educated series like the “X-Files.” It seems like 90% of people are  moronic imbeciles ? And the remaining 10 % are in serious danger of being infected b