Who will win the US Presidential Election 2020?

Helmut Norpoth has successfully predicted 5 out of the 6 previous presidential elections. 

The Primary Model is an effective method of predicting the Presidential Election results. It was developed by political scientist Helmut Norpoth. And, instead of focusing on superficial polls, it goes deeper, and studies the candidate’s performances since day one, including how they behaved on the internal primary elections, within their own parties. These are real elections, real numbers and real results. Not based on shallow, superficial, swinging opinions or plastic polls. Nevertheless, unless Joe Biden’s campaign, who is hostile to free speech, and debates, in the end, what comes ahead, is what matters. Your vote. Your decision. Beyond the brainwashing neo-marxist propaganda. Learn how to sign up and get involved in this crucial time. Tomorrow doesn’t wait.

Individual Liberty & Freedom of Speech: How You Can Throw the Monkey Wrench into the Homogenization of America


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