The ultimate challenge: Can you escape the clutches of tribalism?


Break free from the trap of tribalism: How to overcome the us vs them mentality

Divide and conquer. Us versus them. Our group is better than theirs. We are right. 

This is an old, ancient, primal logic. 

It’s part of the biological imperative of the human species. Unfortunately, it is often used by those who rule us, as a very effective tool to instigate conflict.

A common and fake enemy is created. A perfect diversion for people to display their hostility, hate, and tribal pride, against human beings, who, in practical terms, are not a threat or a danger, in any single aspect. It can be your next door neighbor, or, even more ridiculous, a civilian who lives in a distant country, and just wants to live a simple life, away from sensationalism, politics and fanatism.

In the West, there is a World Order who aims to control every single domain of our lives. 

Of course, in order to do that, they need to spread and support decadence among society. 

By destroying elevation, values, and individuality. Infantile, and easily influenced sheep are easy to control. 

Unlike a proud lion, for example, who doesn’t look up, to ask permission. Instead, he looks ahead, because that’s where freedom and real life awaits.

Of course, individuality does not mean one cannot have his or hers own culture. Beliefs. Ideas. Which may, or not, change, naturally. That is not the issue. But a real man or a woman, worthy of being called a worthy human being, is not enslaved by such preferences. Is not controlled by them. Will not be their puppet. And shall not allow them to become a whip, that forces him or her, to be transformed into a machine-gun, at the service of invisible morbid masters. 

It’s the other way around. He, or she, if having a free and superior mind, will not submit to the hysterical mass hypnosis. 

There’s always something on the table, to turn citizens into pieces of boarding chess. Sad characters of the Political Videogame. It can be a fake pandemic, a war, a product, even. And now, apparently, more recently, U.F.O’s.


I can almost hear the voice of figures like Klaus Schwab saying the word:


Just like Shao Kahn did in the videogame series of Mortal Kombat.

And this is, precisely, what the Oppressive Order wants us to do. To fight each other, in a never ending mortal combat.

We can come up with a perfect analogy. If someone is wearing a t-shirt of the Mortal Kombat videogame, and you happen to be more of a Street Fighter II kind of person, for sure, you will not want to attack him or insult him, just because he belongs to a different group. 

And yes, the internet shows us that tribal antagonism and hatred can occur even among areas related to entertainment. Obviously, when it comes to domains related to Politics, Religion and Nationalism… It’s always a timebomb waiting to explode. Even social media influencers, or micro-celebrities, use such weapon, to produce their own hate-crews, which apparently, boosts those same internet VIP’s popularity.

Some other extreme examples can be mentioned. Some people, to obtain that same group popularity, even hurt themselves on camera. And there were cases, in which individuals committed suicide on-line, particularly on the Dark Web, to please the wishes of their decadent community. Think about this: Someone whose individualism is completely destroyed, who is nothing more than a rotten cell in an even more rotten organism. Someone who wants to please the group so badly, who wants to fit in so badly, that will die on camera, in order to be accepted as one of the gang. 

Imagine how much easier it is, to program people to hurt someone else, to obtain such results. 

So, it is, indeed, a complex problem. Tribal and group hate dissolves the individual’s dignity, and natural sense of what is right or wrong. 

It destroys wisdom, knowledge, serenity. And also REAL and rational tolerance. Not the fake, delusional, and aberrant acceptance of the unacceptable.

I do understand that it is not an easy task. 

To dwell into the depths of our minds, and rescue that sparkle of superior essence of humanity, lying within our spirit, waiting to be respected. 

Only a brave human being is strong enough to pursue truth, fairness and freedom. Away from pressures, regardless threats. 

It is the most important and difficult step. 

To be free individuals, independent, within our own minds. Our own self-awareness. To be able to find friends and allies that have different tastes, preferences, but, deep inside, we feel that we are on the same page, regarding the utopic, yet, necessary divine goal of building a community of cooperation and respect. 

Digging our ways to something better. 

Learning with each other, in dialectic harmony. 

Instead of fighting among ourselves, destroying our own future, freedom, dignity, energy, spiritual essence, and of course: Happiness. 


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