Happy 4th of July

How ironic, with the 4th of July on our door step, Independence Day from the tyranny of King George III, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence, that most people would be sitting in their homes...

And if they did venture out, they would wear the mask.

With each wave of the pandemic, the population became more susceptible, entrenched in fear; weaker, submissive, docile like easily controllable sheep.

They were locked into a TV trance and their symptoms grew.

Those on TV, our leaders whom we were supposed to trust, couldn't seem to make up their minds. The quarantine that was supposed to last two weeks, now had extended for months, shutting down the economy and preventing people from earning a living.

They could not see through the blindness of their delirium.

Even though medical studies had shown that masks did not protect healthy people but rather prevented sick people from infecting others, fear had replaced the critical thinking part of the brain, for many.

The government assumed every one was sick. But sick for months? We were told we were all asymptomatic but with the arrival of Summer, flu and cold viruses drop off. It didn't matter that the Death rate had dropped to nearly zero, the public was hooked on the TV and they had lost their grip on reality.

Alone. Isolated.

The system had betrayed us. Our leaders forced us into their rituals with masks. They said it was for our own protection, but why did they censor dissenting opinions? Why was their narrative the only right one while every one else that pointed out the flaws in their reasoning were condemned?

Thousands of people die every day but the overall death statistics caused by Covid-19 were foggy, and the water was murky.

Dare I ask?

Did the people who died of covid really just have pneumonia? Did the Authorities just take regular death stats from the Flu and Pneumonia and turn this all into a controlled hoax? The General Public with their overall good hearted naivety would shun such a thought.

Or did the virus escape from a Bio weapons lab but in reality was not any more lethal than the yearly flu?

Daily, lethal propaganda infected susceptible minds everywhere.

The Media would call anyone who questioned the official narrative a conspiracy theorist. Spat like some dirty cuss word, those who were labeled were mocked by mobs of cackling followers on Social Media.

These questions did not come from somebody hiding in their dark basement, they came from Doctors and Nurses, those who were on the front lines being silenced and censored for accurately reporting what they discovered.

And if you knew what they knew, your entire life would be shaken up but if you continued to obey only what you were forced to believe, then your fate was unknown.

The deep rooted mysticism, and madness were only just beginning.

Politically correct zombies were everywhere! Their numbers seemed to multiply daily.

4 years after the historic US presidential election of 2016, humanity was now at another crossroads.  The Independence Day, for the entire American Nation had arrived. How ironic that statues of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were being toppled in the name of oppression.

Cities were being burned and businesses destroyed as riots and looters engulfed the Nation.  But in 2020, immersed in shadows, the whole truth was elusive. 4th of July celebrations were cancelled and the Media attacked anyone who would defy them. At the same time, the Media praised the rioters and protesters without a mention of the virus.

What does being American mean? What does the U.S.A. still stand for? If they do stand for anything at all..

Just like in the Russian Communist Revolution, in which the goal was to erase every single trace of the past, destroying monuments, references, heritage, books, in a word: Truth, such seems to be the intention, among the unnamed chaotic ideology that was spreading throughout the American Nation.

Later on... in the old fashioned way...

Rebels without a cause. - Darius says to Jack.

Both of them, again reunited in the Antiques Store hidden complex. But this time, the product of their discussion will be spread throughout the streets.

Jack is concerned about this slow, well disguised, but apparently inevitable sovietization of the History of the United States

Yeah... The Zombies are so hungry for ignorance. And their Masters are happy to deliver what blind followers want. Senseless destruction. Everyone thinks Chaos and Nihilism are fun enough, until, after the party, reality and reason take their place. Alongside with the ashes and shattered pieces... - Jack notes.

Well, the community is like a big organism. Regardless how strong the virus is, the immune system will fight it... - Darius replies.

Today, Darius and Jack are taking notes, about the core statements and harsh truths that they want the nation to know. Later on, an ally, Arthur will be stopping by. To take the contents of their discussion, and turn them into a short, simple and easy to read document.

Hundreds of copies of such document will be printed, in the Zombie Hunters' Headquarters. 

And then, distributed. Outside, on the streets.

Darius and Jack are feeling optimistic. A brainstorm needs to be started. And the good old fashioned paper, something touchable, tangible, still has its importance in democracy.

I am pretty sure that most Americans, specially the younger ones, who are part of the “Black Lives Matter” militias, are not aware that the Democratic Party was the one who tried, for decades, to keep Africans legally enslaved. And even after that, the Democrats weren't fond of the idea of real integration, within the American Society.

That is true, Jack. Also, the patronizing policy of never ending subsidies, social neighbourhoods, which always end up becoming problematic, because of crime, and drugs, etc, are also a poisoned gift. In practical terms, these can be considered ghettos. The individuals lose touch with the nation as a whole. Save a few exceptions, they lost the real opportunities that are out there. Literally, out there. And they identify themselves, first, as members of a so-called race or ethnicity. Instead of equal member of a modern civilization.

Indeed. This serves, as we noticed before, the Political Power. A happy, healthy and rational nation is the worst nightmare of the State. And of course, the shadow masters who are pulling the strings. Stalin, who was very successful in keeping and strenghtening his own Power, used to say “The worse... the better.” The alleged race issue is a social issue. It's not about colors. It is a matter of intelligence. Each case is a case. Each individual has his or hers own life story. Darius, tell me... For sure you have heard about the writer H.P. Lovecrat?

Yes, of course, Jack. It is a good reading.

Many people know at least his name. What they probably don't know is what he wrote about the Italian Immigrants, who came to the United States, in the late 19th century, and begining of the 20th century. So, this is how he described them, and I quote “Creatures who cannot be considered humans under any concept or circumstance. Monstruous descendants of the primitive primate Pithecantropus, they drag themselves through the dirty streets, in and out of the buildings, in such a manner that resembles a worm infestation.” Unbelievable, right? - Jack says, looking at Darius' surprised face.

Unbelievable, indeed! So much for the White Pride Worldwide! This is something that would fit like a glove in the Nazi Anti-Semite newspaper “Der Sturmer.”

You can say that again. And we will reveal this, in our document. Jack London, another American writer, also criticized and mentioned how the White Anglo-Saxon Americans were racist towards Italians. Funny enough, even the television series The Sopranos, addresses such fact. And yet, the alleged Anti-Racist movements keep “forgetting” such facts. And in Europe such feelings were always there as well. Between nations. In my opinion, Darius, I think movements like “Black Lives Matter”, in the end, are promoting and recreating racism. Divisions that have no place. Political Science is, precisely, that: a Science. Real problems need real solutions.

That is very interesting, Jack. And useful information. I am writing down all those topics... Democracy is about being an individual. Having the free will to pursue happiness. Within your own legitimate personal ambitions and wishes. And also, to see the other as an individual. Not as an invisible member of some kind of Leviathan. A monstrous destructive abstract group. - Darius states.

Precisely. If truth is spread, then, sooner or later, things will start to improve. I mean, they have to, right?! One of these days we will have “Brown Eyes Lives Matter”. Or “Redheads Lives Matter.” Or “Rock Musicians Lives Matter!” Sometimes, sense of humor is the best way to call people to reason. Primitive sheep hostile mentality must be fought through elevated examples. - Jack proposes, feeling a scent of hope.

What do you think about this upcoming 4th of July, Jack? It will be symbolic, don't you think?

-  It will. And it is also the best occasion for us to spread our flyers. Real freedom, real democracy, real independence, happens when changes, when political actions even, are mostly produced within the community itself. Step by step. Regardless which Party wins the election. That is precisely what we always criticized in Totalitarian Regimes. Regardless how social and benevolent they are. Such societies are always subjected to the Rulers. They are vertical societies. Yes, Political Parties and the State have their place, of course. Important one. But they shouldn't – they can't! - be in total control. Much less serve the Financial, Corporative, Anti-Cultural, Anti-History, and other hidden shadow powers, that are nothing but a long-term agenda of a minority of disturbing people. We have to fight any kind of dogmatism. Refusing to be the monkeys in a caged zoo, while the masters, outside, point to us, and laugh. Throwing us a couple of bananas and some peanuts, once in a while.

You are right... Of course, if one wants to play the role of Devil's Advocate... it is also important to ask: Does the common individual, do the majority of people, actually want to be free? Do they want the truth? Are they prepared to open their eyes, and elevate themselves? Are they brave enough to have such ambition? After spending so much time in the dark, stepping into the light will make your eyes hurt... In the beginning, at least. - Darius asks.

It is a core question... The old Plato's Allegory of the Cave. I still like to think so. But to be honest, I don't know. However, we must do what is right. Regardless. Maybe we are probably fighting for a minority. A real minority. A minority of people who think for themselves. For ourselves. - Jack answers.

Those are the words, Jack. Ah, speaking of words, here comes Arthur. Let's see if he agrees with our list of topics to be written on our document.

The three friends, feeling excited, together, prepare their Zombie Hunters' flyer. With pride and a sense of freedom running through their veins.

And brains.


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