Social Justice Dystopia: Battle for Your Soul

History doesn’t just happen to other people...

It is happening right here, and now. And one side of it wants to turn the United States of America into a chaotic Neomarxist, State controlling, Orwellian nightmare. It is as simple as that. 

Arrogant as they are, after years and decades of advancements, the Marxists of the Democratic Party, are hungry for a regime change, and ready to strike the last segment of blows.

And this is the Political Agenda that the Democratic Party wants to impose on the U.S.A. They are already supporting terrorist totalitarian communist militias, such as the Black Lives Matter and the Antifa.

The aim of such Policies, like the insane Covid Hoax quarantines, is to break the citizens’ spirits. Demoralize them. Make them question their own right to be free. To destroy the communities. To turn them into servants of a deranged universalist communist fake utopia. 

Social Justice Dystopia

This is their Plan:

  • Smothering the Economy, and selling out the country to foreign and hostile powers.

  • Smothering the Communities, and selling out the citizens to foreign and hostile ideologies.

  • An open attack on freedom, on reason, on the Country’s History, on individual rights, on real diversity, including of opinions. 

There is a war taking place - and it didn’t start with the 2020 election. And it will not end with it.

It is here to stay. But we will be here to fight it as well.

You can fight back.

Just say No to fear.

Just say No to artificial divisions, that aim to destroy the communities, and subsequently, the country. The vultures will then come, to feast on what’s left of it. 

And say Yes to Liberty and Freedom, and upholding these inalienable rights..

“Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” - Benjamin Franklin.

Make sure you deserve both...

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