Real Creepy Tales from Hungry Uncle Joe. Happy Halloween 2020!!

Are you prepared for Halloween? Beware… because if you don’t get smart, this one can last for 4 years… or even… FOREVER. 

Download and read “Creepy Tales from Hungry Uncle Joe” (Yes, the BIDEN guy)

Ah, Halloween… a night in which so many people, specially children, turn all the spooky stories and monsters into something fun! 

Well… not THIS TIME. 

 Look Inside “Creepy Tales from Hungry Uncle Joe”, and even though you might have some fun reading it, you will also be reminded about Uncle Joe’s deranged APPETITES… 

You know how in the past it was told that Communists ate children? Due to the Big Famines in the Soviet Union?

Well… I guess it’s not only in Soviet Russia… is it?

Read about Hillary Clinton’s “Demelanizing Spell”, and how or if it works…

Yes, Hillary Clinton is a witch.,, And no, not only in this story.

This is not just another Halloween. It’s up to you to decide if the REAL DEMONS will take over after November. 

Horror Stories are only fun in the world of fiction. And although Uncle Joe, his son, and the remaining Creepy Clinton Clan seem to be fictitious characters themselves, they are VERY REAL. 

Have a ghostly good time reading this story. So it shall prevent you from having a bad time, in future History...

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  1. Stalin’s state-created famine a kind of “soft genocide” compared with the industrialized mass murder of Hitler’s death camps or even with the millions of victims of Stalin’s own purges of the late ‘30s. If it wasn't for your book, I never knew this nor do I remember it taught in school. Thanks great read.


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