Returning to Reason: Ending The Totalitarian Nightmare

The Social Justice Warriors’ Terrorist movements are thriving as they never did before.

Logic and reason are under attack. A rational debate and conversation, in which facts play the main role, are completely forbidden by the Leftists’ mob culture.

The election day is here. 

After several years of Social Justice Propaganda, in which Trump was attacked and silenced, and later Joe Biden and his clan were forced unto the common citizens as the only acceptable totalitarian choice, the decision is now to be made. 

Unbelievable how Biden’s connections to Chinese and Ukrainian obscure businesses were smothered and suffocated. Part of the plan. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden, the Socialist candidate’s son is also linked to such shameful rich and foreign scams. Plus, drugs abuse, and what not…

The Western Communist Movement, Politically Correct, filled with censorship has come a long way. 

This “New Left”, has the same characteristics of the Totalitarian Marxist Left.  After a big crazy party, there is always a nasty hangover. No one wants to live with a permanent hangover.  These are facts. 

Do you really want to live in a regime in which you are subdued to the State’s Shackles? Careful for what you wish. All of you. I understand that, sometimes, young people are driven by chaos. A way to make a stand. But tell me,  can you imagine living under such an oppressive, social-fascist proto-religious political universe? You would have no control over your own life. 

The schizophrenic Government decides what is best. And they can change their ideas and orders radically, sometimes in a question of months.I believe none of you really wants to be a group of sheep, guarded by wolves. And sooner or later… the wolves will eat their own sheep




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