Three Kinds of People and the Triforce of Decay

 OBSESSED with grandeur delusion, vulturous billionaires are absolutely convinced THEY ARE GODS.

...along with their goal of reaching some kind of scientific Immortality. 

A new religion that will bring us (humanity) to our knees or so they seem to believe? It's about to get real. Keep reading.

Within the minds of humanity exists a virtue, and a virus...

...but not the kind that necessarily creates physical illness. What if a form of "enchantment" infected neural networks and blurred human consciousness and perception? 

The Human Mind is an (OS) Operating System

How will you access the true infinite potential of  your heart, mind and life if an invisible thief disconnected your awareness away from that key power-center-ability to create your true future-destiny?

Although, mind parasites, will not only devour happiness, hope, logic and reason. It is important to remember that a lazy mind, hollow, subservient, infected with profound stupidity, and completely washed out, will also influence, in all sorts of negative manner, the physical health of the rest of the body.

Governments are closer and closer to the final stage of the perfection of the Matrix, in which we live. Apathy, weakness and ignorance is the triforce of decay, nurtured as a virtue, by those who rule us, and the global village (farm) that has become our world.

We live under a curious and highly (and sadly) effective Chimera. A fusion between Marxism and centralized Capitalism. 

Let’s not mince words, and call it a Plutocracy.

“Private” companies act under the command of Politicians (or vice-versa. Or both, since they sleep together in their scandalous crib).

The common individual, since his/hers early days, as a baby already, thanks to the omnipresence of the internet, and the enormous amount of gadgets of sorts, is indoctrinated in every possible manner.

The screens and the mob, group, mentality are constantly there. The oracle of the masses.

Are you being a good citizen? A good human being? Are you with US? Are you a part of US? Do you still dare thinking for yourself? To BE Yourself? Having your own ideas? Choosing your own words? Plans? Projects? Freedom?! Freedom is obsolete. Freedom is for animals in the jungle. And even those are becoming extinct. YOU will give us authority. And WE will take care of YOU. And keep you forever entertained. And within the Family… Just behave… Schh…

Three Kinds of People

There are three kinds of people in this world. The ones who make things happen. Them who watch things happen, and finally… Those who wondered what happened.

Fortunately, when it comes to the first group, the ones who MAKE things happen, not everything is lost. It’s only the Masters of Puppets who are pulling their strings, and designing the dystopic collective sickness, that is making the world a smaller, suffocating, and even bland and boring place.

There are still people, out there, who dare to live, and explore the horizons of their own minds, and hence, refuse to submit.

Every time a group of young persons (for example, all ages allowed!) pulls together, and, for example, decides to create something, with an idea, a strong independent message behind, them, things are already changing, And shaping differently. By making music, for example, such spirits and minds are breathing. Outside the box. Literally and metaphorically.

Imagine 4 or 5 friends. Getting together to rehearse, inside a garage. Being happy, feeling powerful, creative, joyous and free. Like nothing can break them, or bring them down. Their thoughts are not tamed, or smothered, or decrepit. They fly, they develop themselves, and know absolutely no dogmatic bondaries.

Each chord, each guitar solo, or drum break, is a victory. Each meaningful and revolutionary lyric is a political and philosophical statement.

Yes, because unlike the totalitarian propaganda of control and centralization, in DEMOCRACY, Politics is a collective reality, that every citizen should pursue. In every single act. Politics is what OUR lives. As individuals, and as members of a social species, which happens to dominate the planet.

Every time you decide to blindly follow and obey a rule, just because it comes from “upstairs”, without questioning it, in terms of reason, balance, pros and cons, and who and what really benefits with such imposition, then, you are betraying your self. You are being a man or a woman, who is not letting him/herself be.

Should we bring back, once again, the sad example of the Covid masks?

It’s already past March 2022, and there are people who STILL wear those things, even when it’s not even mandatory by Law!

Unfortunately, there again, as a social species, too many individuals, too many people, seem to CRAVE to obey. It is like they have a fetish. They wish to be subdued. To follow. They love the whiplash.

“Look at me, neighbour! I’m better than you! Because I have even less of a personality than you do! I think even lesser than you do! I’m nore ridiculous and enslaved than you! I serve and I obey, and I cover myself in shame, even when the Government doesn’t force me to do so! I am proud to say… I have absolutely no dignity whatsoever! Not even as a human being, but as a LIVING being!”

Indeed… as wicked it may sound… This IS far from blasphemy. It's happening! This actually happens! This is real! The tentacles of the Dystopic Octopus that is closing in.

The truly woke in society recognize the value in making a contribution to the world and community around them.

As a creator, you are the one who creates the meaning and value.

But precisely, that's why there is the Cerebral Cure.

And those mindful ones, those who are truly woke with common sense. Those who are out there, right now, and also within each one of us expressed as our highest value, to discover freedom of our mind, music, your song, dance, and the living art existence of your life, beginning each moment you look at a blank canvas, and choose the colors and imagine the images, and just let the creative spirit and process flow to discover and see new possibilities in your life unfold.

Through Art, Business, Science, Philosophy, and all the Liberal Arts..

By writing your own thoughts, hopes, dreams and even anguishes.

By drawing and painting, and creating....

By, in conclusion, letting your mind just be free. Shaking off the chains, breaking the walls of mental sleep and existential paralysis, a new world begins to emerge on the horizon.


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