Full Article - Pro-Biden Bolshevik Fanatics Adopting North Korean Mob Behaviour

We already knew that Biden, and the Pro-Clinton Clan (the ones who really want to get their Presidential seat back) are close friends with the Chinese Communist Party.

And we all know that China’s closest ally is North Korea. - What a wonderful tree… if you want to collect rotten fruits to ruin Democracy…

And the mindless supporters of this nihilist marxist international group live up to their reputation of senseless vandals. But apparently, they insist in falling deeper and deeper in their own hopeless abyss. Showing, literally, how low can they get. 

The vídeos and the photographs show hordes of young people, screaming like banshees, completely out of their zombie minds, displaying behaviours and ritualistic gestures that would make a chimpanzee ashamed. The North Korean style has arrived to the American Political Stage. How nice!

It is terrifying to imagine these mobs feeling like they own the streets, if Biden gets to power. 

Even though it’s also hard to imagine these same individuals knowing how to actually place their votes, and behave properly, during the election. 

Even the Old Soviet Union would feel ashamed of seeing such “revolutionaries.” For years, the citizens from the Free World watched, perplexed, footage of North Koreans acting in such a manner. Proof of what fanatism and dogmatic, totalitarian political brainwashing can do to a community. 

And now, in 2020, such behaviour is happening, and was adopted, by the American Marxists. The Anti-Trump Western Europeans themselves are now scared, when watching this. Questioning if these “comrades” are really the best choice to make as Allies…

Careful for what you wish. But, really, does any one in their sane mind wishes for this? 

Not all Democrats turned into DemoNcrats. 

It is also important to notice that even journalists are adopting eerie and similar fear-inducing behaviour. Biased and fiercely Anti-Trump TV Networks, such as CNN and NBC, are revealing a very unprofessional and sensationalist collection of individuals, who seem like they were brought back from the Middle-Ages. Desperation assuming its most pathetic and sad format. 

One can only wonder when such “Journalists” will start bringing torches and pitchforks to their studios… 

But at least we all know who they are. They are not able to hide their faces anymore. Not even behind the Covid-19 Made in China masks…

Left / Democrats keep refusing to answer important questions. What IF they win?

What if they win? 

Besides what everyone already knows for a fact – The USA will start a major shift towards a Socialist approach – there are still a wide number of key issues, measures and future political decisions that the candidates of the left – both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (running for vice-president) simply refuse to answer. 

Transparency was never a characteristic of Communist regimes. And at least, they are being coherent. 

Joe Biden has been asked several times: Will he change the system of the Supreme Court of the United States? The Democrats can’t hide their hunger for operating their Bolshevik Revolution within the legal system. They already confessed how they reject Trump’s choices, when it comes to nominated judges for the Supreme Court. Choices that are complete legitimate. So, what will they do? 

Kamala Harris was asked by Mike Pence, in the Vice-Presidential debate: Will the Democrats pack the Supreme Court with more judges, until they, artificially, get full control over it? 

Following Joe Biden’s sinister silence, the Democrat Candidate mocked the serious question, and again, refused to give straight and objective answers.

Kamala Harris desperation, when realizing she has no arguments, goes to sad point when she has to (once again…) pull of the race card. Mentioning that Donald Trump didn’t appoint one single black judge to the Supreme Court. 

Does this even have any rational meaning? This is an insult for african-americans who refuse to be seen as children, who need a strong father-figure to care of them. 

And also an insult for ethnic minorities who are not black. Why didn’t Harris’ mention Latinos, Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Indians, etc), Middle-Easterns, etc, etc.

Because the Democrats are after the Black Vote. But, disrespectfully, they forget that African-Americans are not a herd for the Democrats to control. Each citizen has his/hers own will and ideas. 

Some Anti-Trump fanatics, including NBC journalists, have become so dangerously zombified, that they are calling Mike Pence a “sexist”, because, (and read carefully…) he dared to insist on asking questions to Kamala Harris. 

In other circumstances, or within the world of fiction, this could even be considered something funny. But unfortunately, we are not enjoying an old school Jim Carrey movie.

This is happening. This is being prepared. Right now, in front of our eyes. 

This is the future (or absence of it) that the Democrats and their obscure Marxist allies (domestic and foreigners) want for the United States. 

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